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Managing Myopia at All Ages

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a vision condition that makes distant objects appear blurry and usually worsens from childhood through adolescence

At Royal Eye Care, our team can help your children control the progression of myopia through a variety of myopia control methods with the goal of helping your children see clearly.

Contact us to schedule an eye exam and get a head start on myopia control today.

Gaining a Better Understanding of Myopia

Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long or the cornea is curved too steeply. As a result, the light that normally focuses on the retina instead focuses in front of the retina, causing distant objects to appear blurry.

Common signs and symptoms of myopia can include: 

  • The need to squint to see clearly
  • Blurry vision when looking at distant objects
  • Eye strain
  • Excessive blinking

A regular eye exam schedule can help our team monitor changes in your child’s vision and stay up-to-date on any developing myopia issues and symptoms.

Our Myopia Control Solutions

Our goal is to help manage your child’s myopia and slow its progression by providing myopia control solutions to keep their vision clear. At Royal Eye Care, we offer multifocal contact lenses and glasses to help control the progression of myopia. 

The NaturalVue multifocal contact lens is a daily disposable lens designed for myopia control. Multifocal lenses feature 2 distinct lens powers for near and distant vision.These lenses create an extended depth of focus to enable almost 2x the range of clear vision. NaturalVue lenses also slow the progression of eye growth.

Slowing the Progression of Myopia

Slowing the progression of myopia starts at a young age. At Royal Eye Care, we aim to help slow the progression of myopia and work with you and your children to preserve optimal, clear vision. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment and find a myopia control method that works for your children.


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